Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Challenge: 30.50-31.50

Afternoon karate.  Seisan is coming along.  The priorities are kokyu, hikite, metsuke and toboku.  Breathing is still uneven.  The hips and pulling action are out of sync.  The eyes sometimes lag and there's still way too much tension - I start to sweat to easily.  I'm still fighting myself.

Working on Sabaki 6 and 3.  For 6, I was playing with the idea of a second attacker to the rear.  Just out of nowhere, I pivoted and turned attacking the first attacker with a rear kick at the same time punching the second one with a superman punch.  It felt so natural.  The other expression was from shi-ho-hai.  The final two turns involve metsuke, soto uke and tsuki.  If your turn and block is followed by an oi-shiko-tsuki you complete a revolution into a mawari-ushiro geri.  It happens so fast that you feel like a hurricane - a hurricane looking for a Stillpoint.  The shiko-tsuki should be chokusen to control your rotation and make the shift to the kick easier.  Have to play with alternating between spin-lunge-rearkick and lunge-spin-frontkick.  Keep the attacker off balance.

For 3, have to add a variation that I'd forgotten.  From Shuto uke, a transition to osae-uke pushes the weapon downward and backward (especially if the attacker is closing).  You can attack the head directly with empi or uraken - or stepping the back kosa leg forward to the outside you can continue pushing the weapon back until pivoting 180 into a mawari elbow to the face.  It is basically a combination of sabaki 3 with sabaki 8 - the forward cross step.  I suppose if you hold the weapon hand you could just pull the attacker down as in Te-hodoki 7.  It was fun talking to the class.

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