Friday, August 24, 2012

The Challenge: 34.00-35.50

Motobu sensei says that kicks aren't that useful in a real encounter.  But mine are really bad.  My hamstrings are very weak.  Shiko will help.  Test of 2:10 and 47 pushups, both fail.  Stay in hikite-kamae, make it harder not easier.

I noticed that when Ushiro-sensei throws a kick, it never lands forward.  His hikiashi always brings it back.  Your hamstring contracts more powerfully than your quad, accelerating the leg to the initial position.  Even when your hips square.  Another things is that his supporting leg stay relatively static, it doesn't betray the motion.  You have to have very flexible knees to keep you foot from rotating - I wonder if Sanchin does that too...?

Stay low in your stance and remember that metsuke is not just the direction, but the sensitivity.  Wholesight...we have to practice more.

I figure I should get to 10:00 in Shiko before moving on.  If I can get to 75 pushups, I'll move onto Rings and  Splits training.

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