Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Challenge: 31.50-32.50

Morning karate.  Practicing weighting legs in kosa dachi and neko-ashi dachi.  It's important to have full mobility in the unweighted leg and use toboku-ho when redistributing your weight.  It also happens to be a great leg workout.  You get a clear sense of how absorbing weight by your main leg can propel you like a spring i.e. kusshin (屈伸).

Kata can be both exercise and insight.  The key is to do it enough so that you move from exertion to meditation.  It is a mistake to look for only the meditative side when you can't stand properly, when your muscles are ill-conditioned, when your breath fails you.  The meditative has to grow as your physical and technical capacity grows.  As Ushiro said, you must fill the buckets together.

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