Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Challenge: 29.50-30.50

I'm still using power that my body can't handle.  I'm sweating like a pig on the bus, 30 minutes and a cold shower after stopping.  I have to breath and increase the power gradually.  I also have to cut the jog or cardio to 15-20 minutes.  I think I'll alternate sprints, with interval runs.  Skipping and cycling in the afternoon.

Lots of plyometrics and squats and lunges built into the kata.  I have to work my sidekicks more.  Just because I wouldn't kick high doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to.  Karate is life-protection as well as human potential.  Concentrate on the supination and pronation action.

Something I thought of on the bus:  Karate is problem solving; Karate-do is problem preventing.

Was reading some of Choki Motobu's thinking.  It was frightening how much of his quotes are in the Afterthoughts volume in some form or another.  Esp. the part about stopping combinations of attacks - the same line from Ushiro-Sensei.  No doubt Motobu was a harsh bastard - he probably had no respect for people who talked more than practiced.  He seemed to be what a master karateka would be like without karate-do.  And in some way, that is part of why no one knows about him despite his obvious skill.  Such a shame.

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