Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Challenge: 32.50-34.00

Afternoon karate.  Warm-up.  Kata work between Shiko and Pushup work to failure.  46 (fail) Pushups followed by 30 and 26.  90 seconds Shiko, followed by 110 and 130 (fail).

It is important to think of the first part of the exercise as pleasant.  They are the ones that, as Ali said, you shouldn't even count.  Doing them doesn't make you any stronger.  But you have to do them, so you should enjoy them.  Enjoy the easy ones and harden your fudoshin for the ones that matter.  The ones that make demands of you.

My kicks are very bad and my hamstrings are underdeveloped.  Shiko will help.  My kicks don't come back faster than they go out - which is imperative.  Like hikite, a focus on hikiashi causes your mind to move ahead - leaving this moment behind and preparing for the next.

I will emphasize Sochin this month and Tenshin next.  Important not to rest in the stances.  Make them deep and stress your legs.  Stress is the point - dealing with it.  Feel the burden and center your mind at the Stillpoint.

I'm proud to say: I failed today.

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