Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I'm realizing how important three days are.  Three days seem like such a small cycle.  But I was sitting down yesterday and it occurred to me: 3 days are 10% of a month.  6 days...the difference between an A and a B.  Just like in school.  If you take 3 days off, you start at 90%, you can't get any higher.  No matter what you do, you've been docked 10% for lateness.

I say this because it becomes clear that you have to accomplish a certain amount over that 10% if you want to get an A.  If my standard is an A, 80% over a month or a year, I have to get 8 out of those 10% each three days.  If I don't, then I have to get even more the next 3 days.  The only problem then is to determine what amount of work constitutes 10%.  How much should I do over a three day period?

So this is what I've come up with, at least for February/Seisan:

Roadwork (jogging/biking) - 1:00
Footwork (sabaki/bunkai/shadowboxing) - 1:00
Groundwork (ukemi/tumbling) - 30 min
Handwork (makiwara/ude gitae/chinai) - 30 min
Lengthwork (stretching/yoga/core) - 45 min
Strengthwork (reps/plyo) - 45 min
Katawork (form) - 1:30

Total - 6:00/360 minutes = 10%

I'll give myself 20% for starting ;-) Today is the fifth.  Let's check back on the seventh and see how I did.

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