Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Challenge: 25.50-27.00

I've been working on my lateral sabaki and I've distilled them for various reasons to 6.  I try to work on them every day - try to internalize the shift & pivot, visualize the attacker in space, synchronize with him and control the attacking limb.

Today a revelation for Okutsu dachi.  Nage no kata 15 is a pivot (sabaki 6) and a windmill motion - almost a sun-salutation - of the arms up, turning to a throw.  Hen-shu-ho 2 also has this synergy - the second hand is blocked (gedan-tsukami) and the arm is driven up into the attacker's ear to the throw.  Stepping out to Okutsu, if the two hands come up at the same time, the closer arm will act as an Age-uke.  Upon pivoting back towards Tori the inside arm would fold to control the elbow while the outside arm can rotate into a Shuto strike to the neck or temple.  This block-strike pivot will look like the kamae from Chinto (which is also a transition from Juji-uke - more later).

That makes a total of 10 natural receptions (so far) from Sabaki 4.  Okutsu-Shuto.  Okutsu-Zuki.  Okutsu-Mawashi.  Okutsu-Gedan-Osae.  Okutsu-Gedan-Sukui-Oi-Nage.  Okutsu-Soto-Zuki.  Okutsu-Uchi-Shuto.  Ura-Okutsu-HaitoSukui-Musubi-Nage.  Okutsu-Age-KyuseiKamae-Shuto.  Okutsu-JodanAge-Zuki.

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