Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Challenge: 41.50 - 43.50

30 minutes makiwara, 1 hr Sanchin and 30 minutes Tenshin.  Ni-Sei-Shi is important training for resistance, sensitivity and uke-waza.  The most important aspects are 1) whole body movement - using your stance and hips to strengthen your motion, 2) kakiwake-uke as a transition to soto-uke, kosa-uke, uchi-uke, and 3) controlling centerline and transitioning from defense to offense.  Morote-tsuki and kakiwake-uke are two-sides of the same coin.  The bunkai for Ni-Sei-Shi should be against the lapel grab of morote.  You must develop the sensitivity and ryote ability to the approaching fist.  Keep your elbows in for both morote and kakiwake.  The two techniques should feel the same.  Kakiwake should enter into ma before the elbows return.  Morote should rotate at the last moment.  Practice each like it can turn into the other.

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