Friday, December 14, 2012

The Challenge: 39.50 - 41.50

30 minutes of sanchin, 30 minutes of sabaki, 1 hour of tenshin

The rotation in tenshin from sanchin or seisan dachi can be broken down into two motions: as the hips turn it becomes neko ashi dachi then you swing the leg behind to a kosa dachi before completing the rotation.  In sanchin dachi it is important not to raise your tanden.  In seisan dachi it is helpful to think of the kosa motion as a rotating trip to the opponent's leg.  That feeling of attacking will give the motion the urgency necessary to complete the turn.

Did I ever notice that sabaki 5 is the same motion as the shuto-haishu kamae in ni-sei-shi?  Sabaki 5 needn't attack only to the side or from a rotation.  There is so much to learn even from the things that I think that I understand.  Truly, Budo is depthless.

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