Monday, January 16, 2012

Body 2: Ebb and Flow

Hurt my knuckle on New Year’s day.  Broke the skin punching the bag.  It was careless.  It discouraged me.  Then all of a sudden my back started hurting.  I went gingerly with it, cut my training.  I’ve been in this ebb ever since.

I have to remind myself that it isn’t bad.  Resting isn’t bad.  Complacency is bad.  Resting to get stronger is good.  But you should have a plan.  Your resting – the ebb – should be part of your plan.
My ebb is two weeks old now and I’m restless.  But I’m also worried about my back.  My core has never been where it needs to be.  I have to let it all go – release any notions of strength or fitness and train my core and my legs – hard!  Harder than ever before.  I have to get them to a level where I don’t have to think about it.  Need to plan it out, though.

Also there are some exercises that I’ve seen that have to be incorporated.  I need to distill all these things I’m seeing and concentrate it.  A concentrated workout, maybe an hour, and all karate based and another  routine, all gymnastics based.  But to limit it?  And to improve my diet?  And to keep the 1000 hour challenge?

Maybe I should just start simple and make it harder every week.  One day you work out ten minutes longer another you do X amount more in the same amount of time.  Alternate.  One tabata in the first week, two the second and 3 the third.

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  1. As you become stronger with your abdominal exercise muscles, you also burn up the stored fat that is so hard to get too.