Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Challenge: 21.50-23.50

Woke up naturally at 4. Got out of bed, did a light warm up, and worked on posture and stances, interspersed with daily body weight reps.  Notes-

Tai Sabaki: 7 lateral shifts
a. Lateral slide (soto)
b. Reverse drop step (uchi uke)
c. Lateral lunge/drop step (okutsu)
d. Cross step in front (kosa)
e. Cross step behind (kosa)
f. Right to left and pivot (musubi)
g. Right to left in front and spin (musubi)

Uke-makiwara: practice blocks from musubi and soto.  Soto to neko - Sabaki lateral then forward = soto uke. Musubi to neko - Sabaki back diagonal = Shuto uke.

Continue to practice sabaki moving from embusen as little as possible as quickly as possible.

Knee over toe helps to evenly distribute weight over your feet. Toes should not bear weight, it should be exclusively limited by the heel and the ball. Lifting the ball should cause you to fall.

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