Thursday, April 26, 2012

Body 3: Weak links

My hamstrings my lower back and my triceps.  By definition my posterior chain.  And I only just realized, that my posture is suspect because of it.  My tanden points downward and my center of balance is back towards my heels.  But when I engage my glutes, lower back, hams and calves, I can feel my COB move directly over my feet - it takes a lot of effort to get it there. I need to implement an aggressive scheme of posterior chain work.  For my bodywork over the next 6 weeks I'm going to focus only on the following exercises:

1. lunges  2.  handstands    3. pistols   4. wall sit  5. pull ups   6. rows   7. dips  8.  pushups.  9. support position  10. leg lifts  11. supermans  12. l-sit   13. oblique crunches   14. lat. leg lifts  15. pelvic lifts

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